Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 44.

When we began, Surefire offering a full line of incandescent lights seemed as obvious and natural as Chrysler offering the Jeep or McDonalds the BigMac.  That any of them would go away at any point, was simply unthinkable.  Then in 2011, they did.  And just like that, the era of easy to find, easy to use hosts that we knew, was over.  Surefire tried to cancel the 6P once before, to so many requests they eventually brought it back.  So it remains.  But every other incan model is now history.  Before they go, we thought to preserve some of that history and make a bit of a splash as we say goodbye.  We've been busy playing with different finishes, to find just the balance of fun and practical.  Presenting Fire and Ice:



These colors are some of the rarest we've ever made.  There are less than 30 of each C2 and less than 10 of both Z2.  To give more time zones a shot, not all will be posted at launch. 

We also have special reserves for complete lights.  These sell more slowly but give those interested in a whole light, more time to choose what they would like:





Insider 2 introduced a tool for removing the bezel rings from Z44 bezels.  Simple and effective, it gave hundreds the ability to change out parts whenever they liked.  But never happy with anything we make, we decided to make a better tool.  Presenting the first ever aluminum bezel tool.  Almost twice as thick as our delrin model, cut with a water jet, and coated by the same shop that does all of our lights and parts.  This version will hold up to years of use and works with everything you already have:

Extra Notes:
Insider 43 revealed a special batch of HDS lights.  The small supply combined with huge demand, created a lot of tension for everyone.  We heard your pain (and our own) and are working to prepare more lights and are making several changes to give more people a shot at getting one.  Among these is a new Oveready Twitter account, that allows us to make stock announcements for special items, in between Insiders.  We are starting with HDS and if things go well, can include future items and features.

Insider 40 introduced the direct drive XML2 mini turbohead.  More popular than expected, our original assembly plan is slowing us down and making it difficult to keep up with demand.  We are improving the design and making other changes to speed things up.  This reduces short term supplies, but long term we expect to have more modern black and vintage natural styles - starting in late September and going well into next year. 

As with the Nano charger, the factory making the WF-139 charger has closed.  In short order, most any 139 you may see for sale is likely a clone, built somehwere else, to different standards.  Our remaining Pila charger is in good supply.