Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 45.

Manufacturing in the US is a tough business.  Things cost 5-10x (500-1000%) as much to make and offer well under half the profit, even at twice the price.  And for it to be worth buying, what we make must be that much better.  So why do something that's so much more work for so much less reward?  Because we believe in it, because we love it.  Because long term, it's better for us and better for you, our customer. 

Better design, better engineering, better production, make for a better flashlight.  With this in mind, consider the humble bezel ring.  Long a staple of our parts and upgrade store, these are the last non electronic items we still import. Reviewing our capabilities and reaffirming our beliefs, we are making the switch. Presenting our first complete line of locally made bezel rings, the USA Z44 Smooth:


Stainless Steel



TiAlN coated Stainless Steel (even tougher than our previous coated rings)



Hand Polished Brass

Hand Polished Copper


Available separately and as installed options on all of our hosts and bezels, including the Cryos:


Also in production are more M2-XML heads, in black and ribbed natural.  Some weeks away, we've combined our last natural modern heads with C2 bodies:



Long a static market, chargers are surging forward this year with new makes and models.  At the forefront of these developments is a new company, XTAR.  We're adding three new charger models today, all with adjustable power levels and 12v cords.  Starting with a first ever LCD display in a lithium charger, the VP1:

 Replacing the 139 as our basic charger is the versatile WP2:


 And introducing our first 26650 capable charger (including a 2 amp setting), the SP2:


This also allows us to add a 26650 battery, well suited for the Defense Light:


Extra Notes:

A few sizes of natural Slim Moddoolar bodies are ready to ship

UCL lenses are again ready to ship