Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 46.  We're starting off winter season with something to help you come to grips with your flashlight.

ZeroRez (Zero Resistance) began as a simple question:  how do you put near unlimited amperage through a tailcap?  The answer was the original ZeroRez Twisty (ZRT).  It attaches to SF momentary parts and operates with both twist and push.  We then realized that by giving up the momentary function of our first design, you could gain enough length inside your tailcap to make your flashlight significantly shorter.  The result was the ZeroRez Shorty (ZRS) and TL20 (Stubby).

As the producers of the leading clicky installation and retrofit kit, we were initially skeptical of how popular it would be, so you can imagine our reaction when after launching the ZRS, we were asked to make a version that does away with the momentary function without adding length.  Looking at how best to do this, the result is a solid block of metal, reaching from outside of the tailcap, all the way to the battery, nearly the length of the tailcap itself.

But what if we could do something more with all that metal?  Something say, from the outside?  Presenting the ZeroRez Mounty (ZRM).  The only tailcap insert with a tripod socket, built right in.  Install our ZRM into any (Z41 compatible) tailcap and gain instant compatibility with thousands of tripods and mounting accessories already available (and likely in your closet):


Connecting a ZRM equipped flashlight to a standard tripod, you get something like this:


But they tend to be rather bulky.  So we've prepared a set of options  The first is a clamp, suitable for bars and windows:


The second is larger clamp, suitable for pipes and boards:


And the third is a mini tripod that can both stand firmly on a variety of surfaces and attach to small trees and the like:


Surefire made thousands of large weaponlights, like the 951 and 961, with no thought as to how they might be upgraded.  Now popular on the secondary market, they have one unfortunate limitation.  The LU60 collar they come with does not have the room needed to install a proper, powerful LED dropin.  So we've made one for the job:


Extra Notes:
If you'd like to see how the ZRM was made, check out our new Production Videos thread

Xtar VP1 and WP2 chargers are now available with a variety of international power cords

WP2 chargers are also now available with extra spacers, ideal for dual 18350

Cool Triple engines are in the works and should be ready to ship next week

When available, they will appear in our new Restock section (thanks Marten!)