Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 47.  Before jumping into the new year, we're finishing things off with a favorites retrospective.  There's a lot here, so we'll  automatically combine shipping orders, should you place more than one.

Before Oveready, we had a small thread on CPF, featuring a pair of parts from which everything else has followed.  One was the venerable McClicky Kit.  The other was a shroud that slipped over the Z41 tailcap.  We stopped making the later when the Triad debuted, but the need for a simple add on shroud continued.  Today, people and departments far and wide come asking for the Delrin Shroud.  So we're bringing them back.  Ready to ship in standard and rare clipped form:

Insider 31 introduced the Smoothie bezel.  Free of features that might catch on pockets or holsters, its unique shape set a new standard for clean lines.  This second batch has several improvements, including complete lens compatibility, smooth HA finishes, and local production:

Insider 39 introduced Delrin Capsules.  Protecting your cells, they also keep you on track.  Selling out quickly, we have more 65's ready to ship, but we also have a new, second version.  This one is a bit longer and adds an external socket to the bottom.  The result looks like this:

Insider 42 introduced our MBI store.  We quickly sold out of non aluminum models and have been working on more.  Titanium are again ready to ship and introducing a first ever stainless steel:

Extra Notes:
More black and vintage natural Mini Turbo heads ready to ship, with premium LED options

HDS continue to trickle in.  10 more are ready to ship, releasing 2 each hour for the next 5 hours

Peak Eiger models are back in limited stock, with more already in production

The upraded Surefire Lawman R1 needed for McClicky development is available for $295+S, to the first who replies

We also have more 123 Delrin Sleeves ready to ship and have added a 50mm Basic Capsule to the capsule lineup

More Moddoolar TL130 bodies are ready

Cool Triple/60 Drop-ins are almost ready

Triads are expected early next year, perhaps January