Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 48.  As we watch the Olympics, the foundation of every metal is performance.  Pushing the limits of what is possible, of what should be possible.

Thats how we feel about the Triad.  And creating them requires the same level of dedication.  The perfect combination of anti roll, tailstanding, activation ease, and compact size.  Now available in black and natural:


But the Triad is more than just a tailcap.  Compatible with many platforms, its also the basis of the Moddoolar Pocket Clicky:


They also work with Surefire bodies, allowing us to finish off a red and black C2 we've been working to produce for several years, in honor of a special CPF member:


Each color combination is limited to less than 10 units, including blue/black and natural:


Inspired by a customer who needs to visualize freshly drilled shafts deep in the earth, the new ZeroRez Mounty offers many attachment options.  But they all require a post of one kind or another.  For general purpose tie ins, we present this Oregon made attachment, produced by a camera accessory company.  Stainless steel, rubber, and cork with a custom split ring.  It stays put until you're ready to release it:


Brass is an ideal material for Shorty configurations.  The naturally lubricating metal keeps everything running with a minimum of maintenance.  But sometimes you just need the color to match.  So were rereleasing black and introducing natural TL20's for the first time:


Bezel rings are a key component of any finished flashlight.  You've been asking for more black options and we've been listening.  Presenting the first black USA Tritium Cren:


The first polished black cren:


The first polished black smooth:


And the first satin black cren


Our custom Peak configurations generate considerable interest.  They're coming back, with even more improvements.  Here's a  preview of Insider 49!:

Extra Notes:
More LMH Triple drop-ins are ready to ship, with more coming this week.  If you want something above plus a Tripe, just ask us to hold your first order.

The bezel rings above just landed.  We'll be adding them as options through the website later this week.