Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 49. Projects in development for weeks, months and even years are beginning to bear fruit. Lets begin with a flashback to 2011...

We were asked to create a flashlight for the studio producing Oblivion. They needed massive output in a tiny package and in particular, needed a head that would fit within the narrow cowling of their custom rifle. The result went into filming two years ago, and is shown below. We considered that the end, but shops havn't stopped requesting their own since the movie came out last spring. So we've taken our remaining custom heads and are ready to offer the last set:


In between a small pocket light and large field thrower is a sweet spot. A collimator just large enough to focus LED output, yet small enough that you want to bring it along so its with you when you need it. Elzetta hit this spot with their new AVS heads, but there was something missing, 18mm cell capability. We've filled this gap with these ready to use custom flashlights, providing full 900 lumen output in both sizes:

Unwilling to rest on their laurels, Xtar has already created a sister charger to the instant hit VP1. Factory fresh, the VP2 supports even more cell sizes and 2 additional voltage settings, plus USB:

The venerable standard 6P is again ready to ship, with a selection of bezel rings:



Black clips are back on our Black and Natural Triad tailcaps. Clips and (for the first time ever) screws are both coated in tough TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitrate):



Extra Notes:
Triple HML drop ins are again ready to ship

Black Smoothie bezels are again ready to ship

6P Bodies are again ready to ship

IMR batteries are again ready to ship in most sizes

We have a new customer Reviews Thread, with a video already posted!