Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 50.

Design is about what you see every day but good design also anticipates the unexpected. Home front doors open inward to keep the pin hinges safely on the inside. Commercial doors open outward with expensive protected hinges because in an emergency, people in the front of a crowd can’t pull the door against those behind them. So too, door knobs are a luxury that public buildings cannot afford. Instead, they have panic bars - designed to open with no thought, in virtually all conditions.

In the world of lighting, this same simplicity of design and purpose is the twisty interface. And Peak has taken it to its utmost conclusion: turn for some light, turn more for more light. And the farther you turn, the faster the output increases. But to be useful wherever you are, it must also be small enough that you’ll take it wherever you go.  So we’ve been increasing our smallest options, with more choices than ever, in stainless, brass, and copper:




We are also introducing the first ever 10250 Peak models, in brass:




and ready to ship in 1-2 weeks, stainless:



But no dedicated Peak launch wouldn't be complete without full stocks of the newest momentary switch, featuring universal compatibllity:



Extra Notes:
4 Oblivion lights remain, with 2 ready to ship

More H1 heads and dropins are ready to ship

65mm Delrin Capsules are again ready to ship

18490's are again ready to ship

CR123 fifty packs are again ready to ship