Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 51. Scarcity is one of the most powerful motivators. Run low on space and you'll be desperate to leave. Run short of time and you'll count the seconds before you run out.  Run low on food and you'll go anywhere to get more. So too with certain flashlights. Models that drop into our lives and make their presence felt and just as suddenly drop out again.

One such light is the Surefire Z2. Favored for its versatility, light weight, and no compromise tactical design. Since SF took it away, its been getting harder and harder to find. So we are pulling the impossible and brining them back. Cut from 100% SF metal, our Z2 has the same strength, shape, and beauty as the original. All finished in the nicest HA we've ever made:



But why bring back one classic when you can bring back two? The same body combined with our Smoothie bezel and DB tailcap, yields a 6Z version as well:


Along side, we've also made more of our venerable custom HA 6P's:

And a new perfectly shaved 6P, for those who prefer to carry with a bit less knurl:

Also available with matching Smoothie bezel and DB tailcap:


And this wouldn't be OVEREADY without an overwhelming array of choices. So everything above is also available in HA natural:


All of the black bodies above are also available on our Mini Turbo page:

Extra Notes:

New configurations above were produced in test quantities. We'll be moving quickly to make more of the most popular.

Nyogel is again ready to ship