Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 54.

There are tailcaps that are small, tailcaps that tail stand, tailcaps with anti roll, tailcaps with easy thumb access, and tailcaps with clips. But most have only one or two of these features. Doing all five together is such a challenge that no one else has even tried. Batch after batch, our most popular tailcap is also the most versatile. And for our newest batch of Triads, we've reduced the body/tail (lanyard ring) gap and reintroduced the Tritium version, in both black:


And natural:


Conventional hosts have a fixed socket size. Even with a known/consistent socket (SF), drop in producers have to make modules larger in order to provide reliable operation. But this creates a body/bezel gap. With its unique two part design, Moddoolar hosts adjust to your drop in, achieving the same reliability with no gap. But scattered all over of our site, they've not been easy for you to put together. Introducing the first 100% TorchLAB hosts, with all the options, on 4 easy to navigate pages. In both clicky:


And Stubby (ZRS) versions:


At the top of most lists for favorite SF host is the C2-HA. Discontinued over 3 years ago, they've been impossible to get since. Until recently:


Xtar's been working hard to make the chargers you want. And what most everyone wants is more slots. Introducing the high capacity VP4:


Selling through our first set of 26650 cells, we've brought in more and added a high drain (35 amp) version:

Extra Notes:
We'll have more Triad clip options in November

More TL130 bodies should be ready in 2 weeks

Oveready Defense Lights are now available with ZRM

VME Heads are ready to ship