Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 57. Just a few announcements, as we capture the end of summer.

We had a bit of fun with Insider 56, making bodies out of wood. Response was so good we decided to take things a step further. Introducing the first line of hosts made out of acrylic. This versatile material is made in 12 hand mixed colors so no 2 patterns are alike:


A vender mislabeled our last batch of TL50 bodies. We started a process to refinish them but its taking to long. So we are releasing them with a carefully cut groove and no label. These are limited quantity and will not appear like this again:


Join us in our new acrylic discussion thread

We're also reintroducing Malkoff M61's, including the rare LLLL version

IMR 18650 are now available in 3000mah

We're working on more Wasp Heads, to be ready before September.