Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 58. Several rare items today, so you may want to click before reading.

Insider 56 introduced the R33 Triple engine. Featuring a small secondary red (the only in a Triple), its ready for both your largest and smallest jobs. But why stop at one color, so we are introducing the new A33 Triple engine, with secondary amber LED:

But what to put it into...

3 years and 20 Insiders ago, we introduced our Copper Triple E1 and E2. Already some of the most sought after lights in the world, we sold only half of our stock before halting production. The rest were tucked away, waiting for the day we could make them even better. That day is today. Now equipped with v5 Triple engines, these may well be the highest lumens/size ratio lights in existence. Most are natural E2 with red (R33) or amber (A33) XPL engines:


And a tiny few are also in extra rare, black E1e form (all R33):


When we launched the M2-50, supplies of the base parts were plentifful. We could buy and modify as many as we wanted. But along with other incan parts, the M2 bezel on which it is based is now lost to history. Checking our stocks, just a few remain, all natural/vintage ribbed. So we are launching these for the last time, in XPL form. Both as heads:


And in combination with the also discontinued C2-HA:


US cut dropins are remarkably hard to find. And when you do find them, there are various limitations. They are hard to make or only available with certain LEDs or only with reflectors or only in brass. So we are cutting through all of that with a new line of custom dropins. Made with custom heatsinks with exactly the metal, drivers, and LEDs of our choosing. First up in this family are light weight mules. Ideal for acrylic hosts, they are shipping in both XPL and 219:


We recently lost a beloved name in the Flashlight community, Lighthound. Its where many purchased their Nyogel, including us. They were also one of the few places to get the harder to find 779 fomula. So we are making it available directly:

All Es above are full lights. Heads are coming as soon as next week!

All lights above are XPL. To purchase a 219, get an XPL and request a swap

Check out our E Thread for stock and release updates

Get additional optics for your new E with our new Spares Case

We have the new XTAR VC2+ charger ready to ship

Cryos Z44 bezels are again ready to ship, in black and natural