Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 60. We've been working hard all summer and are pleased to introduce the first fruit of this labor.

Introduced in Insider 11, our original x300 upgrade was a performance revolution. 1100 lumens with no increase in size. Earlier this year, we did it again with our v5 version of the same process (available while supplies last). Today we revolutionize the popular x300u, with 3500. Full v5 performance and flexibility, bolted inside a stunning new package:



And your eyes are not playing tricks. Our custom heatsink is engineered with integrated cooling fins. The size of which are the same as the OEM collar it replaces, so it fits right into your existing holsters:



Running other platforms? We have you covered there too. Introducing self-install v5 heads for 95 / 96 and Scout:



Traditional Safety wands are about standing in one place and being seen by others. If you want to move yourself and see where you're going, you have to remove the wand to shine light on the ground, disabling the wand function. One-or-the-other is not a good way to go when you need to both see and be seen. So we are introducing Walking Wands carved in the US from handswirled translucent acrylic made in the US. Leave it on as you walk through and around traffic, so they can see where you are while you also see where you're going. All while adding minimal length to your flashlight:


Carved from the same handswirled translucent acrylic as the walking wand and offering similar function built into whimsy, we now have complete lights with choice of modes and LEDs:


 Eager for v5 power in a metal hand host, we also have new turnkey packages, long and short with choice of bezel:




E format lights offer a size and passion thats hard to match and parts that are even harder to find. We've made our first E tailcaps, standard and shrouded, from solid titanium:



 The more Nyogel options we bring in the more you want, so we are expanding our selection again:


Including 767a. It stays where it is put, making it the preferred lubricant for sight scopes, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and anywhere clear viewing is a must. Now in a more convenient 10g tube.


 And 760G in kilo and half kilo jars:



v5 drop ins are ready to ship in all versions, including frosted XPL

30w capable IMR16340 (15C) are again ready to ship (needed for all v5 weaponlights)

Cryos Bezels are again ready to ship in black and natural

E2C Adapters are again ready to ship in black and natural

LU60 Adapters are again ready to ship in black and natural