Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 61

We introduced Moddoolar Pocket in Insider 27. And near day one, the most popular ordering question was ‘how do I configure this smaller’. One day, we went a bit bonkers and came out with a 20mm body, so short they still don’t make batteries this small. And almost from then, the most popular question remained ‘how do I configure this smaller’?

So we approached this question with a clean page. Start with the insides: boot-switch-spring-battery-spring-driver-leds-optic-glass. And then construct the perfect EDC flashlight around it: tailstand, antiroll, button access, bezel down clip, vertical grip, lateral grip, good metal, and a great finish. And as few parts as possible. And make sure it looks good.

But what battery? The most popular compact size standard is the E series. Offering many advantages it has one critical limitation. E head/body joints are optimized for 16mm cells. Widen them for the 18mm cells we love and still be compatible and the threads become uncomfortably thin. So we developed our own standard, adding silky smooth acme threading to the list. The result is the smallest triple we’ve ever made.

Made from 7075 aluminum (introduced in Insider 53), its also the toughest. And because even bare 7075 is tough on its own, we decided to see what uncoated finishes are possible. So we are also introducing another first, aluminum patina. This tough industrial finish combines a multi step tumbling process (similar in look and performance to stonewash titanium) with hand steps of buffing and cleaning. Individual starting points then react to your hand the way brass or copper do, revealing a personalized look over time.

But what to call it? Following the simple form and function ethos that created it, presenting the Bright Output Small Size (or BOSS for short). Now shipping in three configurations.


BOSS 35 (1x18350):


BOSS 70 (2x18350 & 1x18650)


And combo Pack 35 + 70 with both bodies above:


So how small is small? Here’s the new mini BOSS Triad next to our original (z41 sized) Triad:


And the original incandescent E1e next to the (100x as bright) BOSS 35:

Based on a 1 inch outside diameter, BOSS is also compatible with standard 1 inch standard clips.

And the clip BOSS comes with also works with 1 inch lights you already have:

Have a slightly larger 1.25 inch, our new Clip Store also includes clips for Triad:


Peak Logan:


and universal applications, including body and tailcap gaps:

Join us in or CPF thread for discussions of the BOSS

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Acrylic + mule combos are now available with special pricing on their own page

McClicky switches are again available, shaved for your Z57/Z61 (E) tailcaps

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