Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 62

Insider 61 introduced the BOSS system and we are humbled by your response. We are upgrading our production to improve availability. Today's launch is the last of our prerelease supplies. Future releases will be gradually larger, with more of every configuration.

We’re also changing our standard BOSS finish to 7075 hard anodized. Developed over months to get just the right mix of matte and gloss, the result is a stunning satin black. Stronger than 6061 HA, its ready for years of rough service. HA also adds lock-out capability and when you prefer twisty operation, just leave the tailswitch clicked on!

Ready to ship in all three configurations:


BOSS 35 black HA


BOSS 70 black HA


BOSS Combo black HA


Every black BOSS also ships with AlTiN hardware, protecting the already tough metals with a dark silvery finish.

Titanium screws may also appear with one or more socket colors:


BOSS releases will be monthly in a tick-tock pattern: HA > special > HA > special > HA > special, with the next special release as soon as March and the next HA as soon as Apri. Our home page now includes estimates of current and future BOSS releases. Along with links to our CPF threads and new Facebook group - join the conversation at controlthedark.com

Our new BOSS parts page offers a complete selection of glass and soft parts

We’ve also updated our Spares page for easy multi optic swapping (BOSS ships with clear narrow)

Most technical problems with BOSS are the result of insufficient batteries. We now have recommended IMR cells on every BOSS page

Our intention with BOSS is to have as few parts as possible, allowing as many metals and finishes as possible. But we underestimated demand for 70 and combo configurations for early initial runs. So we are now cutting extra 70 bodies, allowing BOSS 35 Patina owners to build combo configurations (available in a few months)