Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 63

Optimization for 18mm cells is one of the ways BOSS provides reliable extreme output. But this means BOSS heads have threads larger than popular 16mm platforms. To close for adapters, we've created a version of the BOSS head specifically for E applications. Sharing the same board, optic, bezel, lens, contacts, and orings (including GID), they are different only in threading (smaller E) and dot shape (square).

Available in black 7075:


And natural 7075 (see notes):


They are compatible with a variety of E bodies:


And Scout formats:


Give your BOSS (and E head) the tightest possible bezel and the ability to swap optics, with our new nylon wrench set:


Our AlTiN department has also been busy making new clip versions:

Natural E heads did not come out as expected. Each has varying degrees of staining near the center joint. They are offered with discount and are unlikely to be offered again.

BOSS parts page now includes options for silver clips and silver screws

v5 Triple Dropins are again ready to ship in XPL/red. Other options coming this year.

Looking to upgrade your 951/961, we've got you covered there too.

We've stopped making custom HA 6P. Our very last one is here, with v5 and choice of bezel

A few delrin shrouds are ready to ship, with and without clip