Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 65

Insider 61 introduced a new level of flashlight and a new kind of finish to go with it, 7075 Patina. Still sought after, our custom patina finish did not allow us to scale to meet your incredible demand. So we are introducing a new silver finish to the B.O.S.S lineup, Satin Silver. Ready to ship in all three configurations, including our most combos ever:

Introduced in Insider 64, our new 1 inch walking wands make you more visible to people to your side while still giving a flashlight beam to the front. Having quickly sold out, we've made 5x more and made them white so they can also be used to light up a room (or tent) with color as accurate as your LEDs And updated our photography to better show Walking Wands unique open end design that makes dual functions possible:

And because this is OVEREADY, we are also introducing the first black wands. They make you less visible to people to your side, decreasing the chance they will see your location before you can see theirs:


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We'll be closed this June 20 through July 5th. Get your orders in by the 18th to avoid delays

This BOSS release is 50% larger than the last, so we'll endeavor to ship most by saturday

We're also watching to see if this creates a larger purchase window, making buying easier