Welcome to OVEREADY Insider 66

Introduced in Insider 64, brass and copper brought new levels of weight and thermal performance to the BOSS platform. For this round we wanted to take appearance to new levels as well, creating an exquisite vintage look. And we're completing the darker look with dark hardware, adding our renowned AlTiN finish to every clip and screw. Ready to ship in brass 35/70/combo:

And in copper 35/70/combo:

Making all BOSS more versitile, we’re also introducing new accessory lines. First up are stainless steel crenelated rings. With tapered points and a unique 3+3 pattern. Available later this month in silver and AlTiN:



And if you're wondering if the above look good together? Yes, yes they do:

Combo setups are perfect for changing configurations at the shop or in the field. But keeping your extra body clean was a challenge, until now. Introducing BOSS body caps. Just the thing to keep that second body ready to go. And with a built in spring, every body can have its own battery set:

BOSS can be attached via lanyard and the best setups include beads. So we are introducing Triad Beads, in matching metals and finishes:




& Titanium

Cren bezel rings will be ready to ship later this month, along with more brass and copper. Please follow CPF and CTD for details.

AWs factory took a hit this summer and will be offline until at least the fall. 18350 are sold out but some 18650 are still available.