Manufacturing is the foundation of every economy. Without manufacturing, nations have less employment variety and less economic resiliency. Strong economic periods are shorter and weak economic periods last longer. OVEREADY, Inc. is based in the US and focuses on US-based design and production (including metal parts). It costs more but some things are too important to skimp. And if we put that much care into something you can’t see, imagine how much work we put into stuff that you can.

In most cases, we source products and services made or performed in the US by US-based companies.

In all cases, we source the highest quality products and services available:


  • all peak


  • adapters & extenders
  • tailcaps, including custom knurl
  • p60 bodies
  • single LED dropins
  • special brass/copper/titanium/acrylic


  • mechanical engineering
  • detailed assembly and upgrades
  • clip cutting and pressing
  • anodize coatings
  • tumble finishes
  • altin coatings
  • gid rings


  • final assembly & testing
  • shipping
  • service

South Carolina

  • delrin sleeves
  • delrin spacers


  • boss brass
  • boss copper
  • boss aluminum
  • moddoolar heads/bodies/tails
  • tailcaps, including triad
  • bezels, including smoothie
  • brass parts, including mcclicky and zrs
  • heatsinks, including triple drops, x300, and e


  • v5 boards (EE would love to bring this stateside!)

Looking for more US made tools?

Here are some we use every day:

*All designations are to the best of our ability and knowledge.  Not all parts of all products otherwise assembled in a given place are themselves from that place.