Fitting rings for M2 Bezels

Fitting rings for M2 Bezels

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Note:  these are not needed for Cryos/32 bezels

M2 bezels are designed with a shock absorber system that protects incandescent bulbs from recoil.  The design is optimized for drop ins with outer springs around the bottom.  High performance LED drop ins require maximum contact for heat dissipation and so lack this spring.  Without it, the shock absorber in the M2 bezel allows LED drop-ins to lift out of the body during use, breaking electrical contact, causing flickering and other issues.

Malkoff Fitting Ring (shown left) installs into the metal ring inside the M2 bezel, precompressing the factory foam ring

Oveready Fitting Ring (shown right) installs in place of the factory foam ring, providing a tighter fit against all drop ins


Steps to replace the foam ring (OR ring only):

unscrew the bezel ring

remove the lens

remove the shaped o ring

remove the plastic shelf

locate the break/line in the foam strip and remove

keep the remainig metal shelf pointed the same direction

install the new silicone strip in the same way/location

install the original plastic shelf

install the original o ring

install the original or new lens

install the original or new bezel ring


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Z32 Fitting Ring

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