Moddoolar C Triad Tail - Natural HA

Moddoolar C Triad Tail - Natural HA

Product Information

Moddoolar C Triad Tail Trit

The legendary Triad Tailcap offers tail standing, side thumb access and anti-roll capabilities, in a package smaller than most tailcaps offering only one of these features.  Precision sculpted on a 5 axis CNC and available with your choice of switch and clip options. Ready to install on all SureFire P, C, Z, and most M series bodies. 

Moddoolar Triad Tails offer:

  • 3 leg (tripod) tail standing
  • Thumb size button access from the side
  • Anti-Roll for round bezels
  • Boot and switch protection
  • Barbell shape for grip enhancement
  • Thumb only twist for activation of twisty switches
  • Rounded edges for durability
  • Anti reflective (semi gloss) finish
  • Tough 2 mil type III (HA) anodize coating in black or natural gray




  • Z41 Thread compatibility
  • Z41 Switch compatibility, including McClicky and ZRM, ZRS, and ZRT
  • Z41 Boot compatibility, including our complete line of hardpress and softpress
  • TorchLAB Moddoolar Flashlight System
  • SureFire® 3P, 6P, 9P
  • SureFire® C2, C3, Z2, Z3
  • SureFire® M2, M3, and M4
  • SureFire® U2, D2, D3
  • Malkoff Devices MD3 and MD4
  • Leef bodies (C tail)
  • AW Soft Start version B




Trit Slots

3 perpendicularly drilled Trit slots (1.5 x 5mm trits available here)



Clips transform any compatible flashlight, into a bezel down, deep pocket carry flashlight.

  • Short Clips are now standard and ideal for 35, 50, and 65mm bodies
  • Long Clips are available by request (order notes)
  • Clips are NOT compatible with 20mm Shorty bodies


Triad Tails are a tailcap platform.  Offering complete flexibility, you may select the precise switch and boot configuration you would like us to install, by selecting from the option menus below.  Have your own or partial switch you want to install yourself, select Empty (0) from the Switch menu. 





This item is made in

Design & Engineering - Tom
Machining - Craig
Finish - Brian
QC & Logistics
- Dan


Product Options:

Tail Cap
Tail Switch
Xtra Boot

Product Code: TL-C-Triad-NT

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